2022 TAIT Yearbook

THG Galaxy Crystal Lobby

The Galaxy Casino Resort in Macau boasts a breathtaking lobby of unsurpassed opulence. Guests are treated to a display of 380,000 pieces of crystal, brought to life in a spectacular automated kinetic architecture show. We provided show designers THG with 3D pre-vis, bespoke engineering and show-control to create the mechatronic marvel which now animates the lobby’s glittering centerpiece, weighing approx. 3 tonnes. The scope included 70 axes of motion, consisting of 56 TAIT BT2 winches, chandelier rotation axes, and a complex bespoke infinite rotating central lotus assembly.

Design was performed in early 2020 by TAIT’s mechanical and controls teams in London, who have the depth of engineering expertise required for machinery that must animate multi-tonne loads continually above a public space safely. Working to a hard opening deadline of the following lunar New Year, the bespoke machinery was manufactured and factory-tested at TAIT’s factory in Haverhill, then delivered and deployed – during the initial phases of the unfolding global pandemic – which, with Macau under lockdown, required remote collaboration between our local team of electrical and mechanical installers and integration counterparts working nocturnally in the UK.

Client THG

Location Macau, China



Left Image: Adriano Ma, Macau

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