2022 TAIT Yearbook

Wynn Las Vegas Awakening

After successfully automating the iconic Le Reve show at the Wynn theater for the past 20 years, our proprietary TAIT Navigator TM Automation Platform now provides all motion control and safety supervisory systems for machinery from several different vendors in 2022’s spectacular Awakening show. Navigator’s distributed control architecture is essential in a show with complex behind-the-scenes choreography of performer, puppet, and prop movements, in addition to cues visible to the audience. With action happening on multiple levels, Navigator’s interlock programming ensures system safety, while streaming live 3D axis-position data to the lighting and video departments.

TAIT Navigator™

Navigator provides multi-operator control of the world’s largest spectaculars thanks to its unique distributed architecture. Navigator simplifies the programming of complex machinery for illusions with its many features.

Created by world-renowned producers Baz Halpin, Bernie Yuman, and Michael Curry, Awakening opened at Wynn Las Vegas on November 7, 2022.

Producer and Director Baz Halpin Executive Producer/ Producer Bernie Yuman Producer and Character Designer Michael Curry

Producer Rick Gray

Location Las Vegas, USA



Left Image: Wynn Las Vegas

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