2022 TAIT Yearbook

MDLBEAST Balad Beast

Nestled on the eastern shore of the Red Sea stands Al-Balad, a 1-mile area of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where culture and commerce have thrived for nearly 1,400 years. Our client, MDLBEAST, asked for our help to create a music and art festival inside a World UNESCO Heritage site where the past and present would converge in perfect harmony. Navigating the narrow pathways of this historic city, we got to work addressing complicated infrastructure and logistical issues to build a breathtaking brandscape that became a canvas for digital artists across two days and five performance venues.

Balad Beast was a multisensory masterpiece where for two days, 81 artists entertained across five stages as motion graphics moved over doors and walls, showering this UNESCO World Heritage site with sensational stories straight out of Saudi culture. Bab Square marked the gateway to hip-hop, deep house defined Roshan Square, while Omda Square became a blissful EDM block party set amidst stunning architectural relics. Over in Mirkaz Square, indie artists performed under the stars, while Souq Square sat in the shadows of an ancient marketplace, offering up House and Techno music along with the latest Saudi streetwear styles.

Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



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