2022 TAIT Yearbook

Adele BST Hyde Park

Adele played two shows at London’s BST Hyde Park festival in July with an all-female support line-up, her first live dates since 2021’s critically acclaimed album 30. Having worked with Adele on her last tour, Adele Live 2016, we were approached to provide scenic, automation, and Mag Deck™ staging for the Hyde Park shows. We created a system of glistening metallic scenic chains in silver, gold, and copper tones that formed eight curtains suspended from the overhead trusses. Four Kinesys Apex™ hoists per truss automated each chain curtain, allowing them to be raised into the ceiling during the set and lowered back down to stage level when required. The Kinesys Vector console provided automation control for the hoists, and a Kinesys Mentor managed safety requirements.

Production Manager Malcolm Weldon

Creative Director Matt Askem

Show Director Kim Gavin

Set Design STUFISH

In addition to the automation elements, we created a semi-circular Mag Deck™ stage with band risers and an upstage lighting shelf from our rental inventory.

Lighting design Cory Fitzgerald, Silent House

Location Hyde Park, London, UK

Far Left, Left and Top Left Images: STUFISH



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